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If you don't get carpel tunnel, you aren't trying hard enough!

blit-blat responds:

Haha, Blit-Blat Games accepts no responsibility for any injuries incurred while playing Climber Guy :P

I was doing great after the nuclear attack, but then Miley Cyrus joined the group and my friends slowly started to die off from this mysterious itch...?

Blobzone responds:

Probably genital herpes.

The game is pretty fun. You could definitely expand on this!
The music is terrible though.

Eniquafire responds:

Updated title screen dramatically, and added mute button.

Trust me, I love the idea of the game, but I can just run off the screen and then I will never lose. But if you fix this...then it would be impossible...maybe that's the point right? haha!

vasquezdavid1991 responds:

Yes correct. I 'm working on that place limits and the scoreboard . I have the idea but I can not carry it out because they do not know much about programming

The "play" button isn't working.

jackrugile responds:

Hey, sorry about that, will look into it. If you have a moment, can you let me know what browser and version you're using, and the same for operating system?

Seems like a pretty unique game, but...and I'm sorry about all the questions...I couldn't figure out how to finish the first level. This game does take a bit of reading and tinkering to figure things out, which is a little bit fun. I got it all figured out except that I reached the end of the lab and it's just an elevator shaft. That's it. I'm assuming there is some sort of vehicle supposed to be there since this is a tutorial level and the one thing I didn't get to try was hijacking. I've killed everybody and there is nothing. I'm stuck in an empty lab.

Unkn0wnOrigin responds:

You have to fly to the top of the shaft.:)

Seems like an ok time waster, but there is a problem. He can't get to the tops of ladders. You can't get on top of the vinyl store on the left. So I couldn't progress.

koett94 responds:

@B28: sorry, gotta jump off of the ladders! Expunge the energy..

Super fun, but I found a bug. The boss, if you fire the flamethrower as he's dying then the game goes crazy and millions of gems start flying out of him. Unfortunately the game went back to the shop before It let me collect them all. I would have been done with the whole game if I had got them all.

flazm responds:

Yes we have caught it too, thanks! Trying to fix it asap.

The untouchable medal is super easy to get. Hint: Just be smarter than Chuck Norris.

TharosTheDragon responds:

Is there a way to cheat? What is it?

A little under developed.
-Not very rewarding aiming system, you may or may not hit a duck even though you are pointed right at it (like a realistic shotgun) Not very fun in a game like this though. You end up just only shooting the closest ducks.
-Why use space bar? Makes it worse.
-Not very much range and the gun doesn't stay with the cursor
-I thought the plane was for bonus points haha, maybe I'm just sadistic

Saliery responds:

Thanks for review
In full version for Android - control by accelerometer it's easy and intuitive, and in full version you have more than 10 weapon like AK-47 or bow and all weapon have some realistic shoot, from AK-47 you can easily shoot furthest duck.

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