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If you don't get carpel tunnel, you aren't trying hard enough!

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blit-blat responds:

Haha, Blit-Blat Games accepts no responsibility for any injuries incurred while playing Climber Guy :P

It was pretty fun, not as hard as some of the other games from sneaky. I'm not really sure what the orbs are for other than getting the medal. I got 35 of them and that was all I could find, which did not fill up the meter, which did not seem at all necessary.

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Hmmm, not sure why I'm trying so hard to ruthlessly murder people for medals...I think this is an important observation of human psyche.

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Ok guys, so this game doesn't cheat. It did take a little while for me to figure it out but this is how it works, plus some tips:
Uppercut - pretty obvious when he's about to throw it, put cursor over lower left of Floyd near rim of shorts
Gut punch - watch for a big wind up, put cursor in middle of Floyd's torso
Jab - watch for short wind up, his arm doesn't go back very far, put cursor in upper right of Floyd, where punch lands.
These areas will work 99% of time, sometimes while he's moving it seems to be a little off, but it may just be me...
Tip: when you see Floyd wind up his right just before he grabs you, punch like crazy to lower your stamina, he only holds onto you/absorbs health until your stamina is depleted, so get it as low as you can before he grabs you.
Tip: When Floyd starts flying all over the ring, hit him as soon as you see him, this will help prevent those pesky off-screen punches.
Tip: I find that well-timed controlled counter attacks are best, I think that you hit chances are higher the more stamina you have so clicking away like a mad man may not be the best option, although sometimes you get some of that old Pacquiao charm and totally annihilate him this way, but it seems to be few and far between. I almost beat him in the first round this way, got him down to 18% with a 15ish hit combo in 3ish seconds.

Very fun game, don't think I'll waste my day trying to get a first round win or an untouchable win, but it definitely can be done, so you medal whores keep at it!

Also, if you get to round 10 then the round girl's shirt is gone...

jk :) , but I've never made it to round 10 sooo....maybe

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I was doing great after the nuclear attack, but then Miley Cyrus joined the group and my friends slowly started to die off from this mysterious itch...?

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Blobzone responds:

Probably genital herpes.

The game is pretty fun. You could definitely expand on this!
The music is terrible though.

Eniquafire responds:

Updated title screen dramatically, and added mute button.

Wow, one of the most emotional pieces that I've even seen on NG. This is a beautifully constructed portrayal of the darkest sides of humanity and the hopelessness of these situations, when being an outsider. Very good job. My day is ruined now. But that is exactly how anyone should feel after watching this.

AgonyTheCrux responds:

Thanks for the review. Sorry for ruining your day, but as you say, some situations just call for it.

Trust me, I love the idea of the game, but I can just run off the screen and then I will never lose. But if you fix this...then it would be impossible...maybe that's the point right? haha!

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vasquezdavid1991 responds:

Yes correct. I 'm working on that place limits and the scoreboard . I have the idea but I can not carry it out because they do not know much about programming

The "play" button isn't working.

jackrugile responds:

Hey, sorry about that, will look into it. If you have a moment, can you let me know what browser and version you're using, and the same for operating system?

Seems like a pretty unique game, but...and I'm sorry about all the questions...I couldn't figure out how to finish the first level. This game does take a bit of reading and tinkering to figure things out, which is a little bit fun. I got it all figured out except that I reached the end of the lab and it's just an elevator shaft. That's it. I'm assuming there is some sort of vehicle supposed to be there since this is a tutorial level and the one thing I didn't get to try was hijacking. I've killed everybody and there is nothing. I'm stuck in an empty lab.

Unkn0wnOrigin responds:

You have to fly to the top of the shaft.:)

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