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This was brilliant and such an eye pleaser. Amazing!

This could be fun

Thiis does have potential, the explosions are a little cheesy, but if you fix those and add a little touch to the background, maybe make some levels and an adventure or something, (sorry, thats a lot of work), but if you just make it a straight fighting game I don't think it has a lot of potential. I really like the old school look, just beef it up and I'll really look forward to playing it!

TheManolantern responds:

Thanks I really appreciate it. Its more of a functionable work in progress right now :D

there is still a lot of bugs

the controls are awkward in relation to the character, the level items look too "cut and paste", there is some serious problems with the ladders, and it's too hard to jump over things. I don't hate it, it looks like it could be an okay game, but I can't really give this a passing score until you fix it up some more.

holy cow

From what I saw, awesome! I'm not a huge fan of horror point-and-click, but I'm really looking forward to this one! The only thing I see wrong is the text, it goes too fast, make it to where you have to click to advance it or something. Also, its not a big deal, but if you want to be picky, some of the background objects, suck as the dead guy on the table, or the moose on the wall are too noticably "cut and paste" they don't blend well into the background, but thats minute, so...great work!

EvilKris responds:

thanks that's pretty useful. My monitor is kind of dark so it's actually quite hard for me to see when the objects are not blended in properly. I'll try to be more careful. Cheers!

good first try

I gave you a 0 because you need to take this off now, fix it up, and then resubmit it. I'm not going to tell you how to fix it because, well, there is not enough room to type it all, so YOU look at it and figure out what needs to be better. Honestly, would YOU play this?

Lucy88 responds:

I always play this game.


funny, but not fun at all

hey, sorry, I meant to give you a 3

here, I'll give you 10 stars as an apology, I accidently gave you a 2, but I like the idea, art, and the riddles, which I didn't even realize until the 3rd question.

LiveDoro responds:

Ha! don't worry about it, and thanks for the review.


I DID IT! 5009 clicks on BRUTAL with 6252 kills and not one person even got up the first hill! I know, I'm a sucker for a challenge, but hey, its not like I broke a sweat or anything. BTW, very simple, just like you said, now, if you had told us it was the most fun game in the world, I would give you a 0, but, you delivered exacly what you meant to, so good job. the people could be a little faster though. Oh yeah, and I met the 5000 goal, I'm not asking for much, but maybe some praise from the creator. just a little feedback.


this isn't a game, and it has no point...ummm helpful advice...lets see...well, theres not enough room to type it all. Hey, unless you're 12, then there is no excuse for this....create! Be creative, be smart...don't do drugs.


sorry Chris, the controls are really sloppy, plus, this game has been done a million times, unless you got something really fresh to throw on it, I suggest we all let the ball and paddle games die. I do like how the ball smashes the paddle backwards, that is a cool addition I've never seen before.

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