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pretty cool

sorry, I feel bad being the only 8 on this page, but it wasn't the greatest game in the world, don't get me wrong though, it was great. I liked it, only one time did I get lazy and use the DDOS or whatever it was called. I've never seen any puzzles quite like that before, also cool storyline. Great game, just not a "10"...don't be bothered by the "8", I grade hard. (;


sexy, thats all I can say to is sexy


wierd idea, and not the good wierd, but thats ok because the fact that its a fighting game makes the rating rely on the fighting system and not on the wierdness of the characters. So, the fighting system...well, not that fun, um, its one of those fighting games where you just stick to one move and keep doing it over and over, there just isn't any room for strategy. Also, I agree with "catconflict" the special system is cool, but not user friendly, " ^+<+>+^+punch", seriously, in a fight with a crazed cellular phone would you actually use this crazy move. Shorten them up a little, and make them a little more memorable. The best move in my opinion is the rapid text, so I just used that the whole game. I used it the whole game and now I can't even remember what it was, oh yeah <<>>punch, ok but still, the later moves are impossible to remember, especially when there is a new one after every match. These crazy phones are moving towards you and you don't have any time to waste pressing all these keys. Anyways, it is cool how you get to change your costume and take the clothes off your enemy's corpse. Also, one more thing to think about, there is a lot of room for comedy in this, take advantage of it and make it more lighthearted, this is not one of those games, I REPEAT!, this is not one of those games you want people to take seriously...okay, I think I'm done. (:


I like the artwork style a lot! Everything graphic about the game is cool, and it was fun for a little while, but it gets very repetitive. So, good work on simplicity and artwork, but think about adding something to season up the gameplay, like some bosses or...I don't know, it is just missing something...


Simply astounding, and not hard at all, for people with cat-like reflexes and matrix skills like me...tee hee


and I don't mean that in a bad way. Super simple gameplay, with the super simple concept of "punch, punch, kill, kill" with BONUSES! Also, funny artwork and animation.

pretty cool

Good animation and simple storyline. I like it, action without the stresses of possible death. So the only failure possible would be a result of the inferior problem solving skills of the player...(I don't really talk like that in real life)


I never knew such a game existed! Instant classic, wow, and I freakin dig the music!

great idea

wow!, it took somebody 3 days! That only took one hour...he he he. Jk man! I have to say that the lips were the hardest! I spent like 10 mins on that one!


cool idea, I've never really seen anything like it

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