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I asked over 80% of the American population to give me two words describing this game and over 80% replied: "Brilliant!"


a remake on centipede, I haven't seen one of those before, too many people do snake and tetris, thanks for the change in pace

Very nice

This was a pretty tough game, well mentally, but I've been playing metal gear solid 1 on extreme lately, so now, I don't think any game is hard :P
Anyways, my brain hurts a little bit after playing this, but the only tricky part is the guy with the sword! I give a huge round of applause for that guy! It was an ingenius new challenge that required clicking at a certain time...GENIUS! That showed me, I thought I'd just click(shoot) away all my problems(monsters), but then something that was a fusion of action and puzzle, kudos. And ofcourse I give kudos to the same parts everyone else did (lock picking scared the pants off me, dark clown guy in hallway scared the underwear off me) oh and that's why you got a 9, because my parents didn't like me playing games that cause me to become naked.... :P
Anyways, silliness aside, cool game...now, I gave you a good review, sooo, you'd consider us friends right? And you know what friends do?.........THEY TELL EACH OTHER WHAT THE SECRET MEDAL IS!!!!! PLEASE! IT'S KILLING ME! I NEED MY MEDAL FIX! I got all the others!
jk, you don't have to tell me, that would ruin the 'secret' part of it...but if you can't hold the secret in any longer, and you just have to tell someone, you can tell me. ok :)


This actually was scary, good job. I've never been scared by an online game before.


It was fun, not original, but fun. BUT F+++!!! There were too many zombies, my computer couldnt take it, it started lagging extremely bad when 60 f-ing zombies were coming after me! There is no option to reduce quality either.


Mr. "PrettyMuchBryce" and Mr. "rossthesauce" I would like to formally apologize for the sissies that have put in bad reviews because of difficulty. And this is what they meant to say..."Great Game!!! I loved the challenge of it. It would have been a pain in the ass, but since you have a merciful soul, you gave us the choice of where to respawn, and you only have three levels. Thanks for making it easier." I do agree that you should have put in a button to stop the music, although it was one of the main concepts of the game, some of that midi music can get really annoying, although some of you lazy people could just turn down your volume! Anyways, the only part I thought you should get rid of was the bats. Bats underwater? Plus, that part was the hardest. Other than that you have a great game...well, get a better SFX for dying, if he's made of glass, why does he sound like paper ripping when he dies? Oh well, that's just being nit-picky.

1.The Story Begins - Watch the beginning movie.
2.Dead End - Take the upper path above the statue that explodes on level 1(make sure you go all the way to the back)
3.Heads Up - Actually...I haven't found this one..(sorry)
4.NOOB - Die within the first five seconds of the first level.
5.Heatin' Up - Touch the fire on the first level.
6.Level Won - Beat the first level.
7.Lights Out - Still trying to find this too. (sorry again)
8.Shark Meat - Get killed by shark on level two.
9.BOOtiful - Go through ghost fish on level two. (I said THROUGH! that means when he is invisible, if you died, you're stupid)
10.Level Too - Beat the second level.
11.Hot Air - Touch the steam on level three.
12.Pancaked - Get squished by squishers on level three.
13.Beginning of The End - Get to final boss.(Wizard...duh)
14.Is it over? - Get to Wizard's second form.
15.Adventure Over - Beat the game.
16.Eggxactly - Lay an egg.
17.Hole in one - Lay egg in hole. (any hole)
18.Amnesia - ...I think you just get this one...randomly
19.Very Plausible - Pause the game(press 'P')
20.Sponsered by... - click on the NG icon on the main menu(for noobs, NG means Newgrounds...it's the picture of a tank)
21.Pretty Much - Click on the words 'PrettyMuchBryce' on the main menu...at the bottom...fine print...white letters...yeah, right there, goooood, you did it)

The medals are actually pretty obvious...except the HERO one...I beat the game but I didn't get it...

So if anyone can please fill in the last two acheivements for me and how to get the hero medal, please do. (:

wow, armorgames really f'd up

this might be a cool game, but it needs a major tune up first.
1. Needs some sort of life bar, how am i supposed to know if I'm about to die?
2. You get hurt before the zombie even touches you? I guess they have telekinesis?
3. You can move through the trees and water, I guess that's not too bad though
4. No explainations? Oh wait...if you move your mouse over stuff it'll tell you...oh but now I'm getting attacked by the telekinetic zombies! How am I supposed to play and figure out what stuff does at the same time?
5. The zombies must be part ghost also, because they can move through anything.
6. When they are in "ghost mode" you cant shoot them!!! Dont go in a building or you're fucked.
7. Awesome! A machine gun! No...wait...it sounds like a staple gun.
8. All the zombies look alike when they die...ok...
9. Also no storyline? I mean, I know you don't have to have one, but you have like...an old west theme that needs some explaining.
I will give you the title screen though, that is beautifully done.

son of a glitch!

at some parts the cloud would stop growing and get stuck at one size, then randomly and instantaniously explode into the size it should be. Good choice in music, another thing though, as you grow more and more bigger clouds should appear, once you've reached a certain size it's almost pointless because there aren't any clouds that are larger than the ones at the beginning. If you can find it, there is a game just like this, but with fish, that game had the right idea, play it and get some ideas. also, it'd be cool to add some special FX such as lightning when you get bigger, or finish the game off with a tornado or something, that'd be awesome, but great idea with the clouds.


eh, good for a kids game, and I got...13469!!! HAHAHA! I'm lame, good job

Awesome game

Very addicting, simple, entertaining, and great artwork! Oh, and DarkPaladinHina, i'm sorry, but i got 818562.6 ft, without a nuke or chest bomb, well, i had a chest bomb, but i got f***ing abducted. and all i used was an ak47. Beat that!

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