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(speechless) holy shit! excuse my language, but you all know it's necessary to most accurately describe the feeling you get from playing this! Chris Peterson, your gonna be my first friend! hey, I'm not a loser, I just have been focused on voting rather than networking. So yeah...this game rocks...by the way, I beat it!


really cool idea and really cool, I love it! I have no idea how to make this game better.

it's stupid and goofy

but fun, I have to admit, this is a cheesy craptastic game, but it is fun, of course it wouldn't be fun without that last medal that's keeping me playing. (:

it could be awesome!

it looked fun, and the idea is fun, but there needs to be more power ups, and an explaination on what they do, I still don't get the purpose of the wings...anyways, also, some things couldn't have been avoided and there isn't enough health. Also, WHY ARE SOME OF THE POWER UPS INSIDE OF STUFF!? This could be a really fun game, just make it a little more gamer friendly. There's a difference between making a game hard for a good reason and making the game hard because of stupid stuff.


I can't believe anyone would actually do this. It's awesome, just it has a lot of bugs, the controls, the fluidity, the jumping, picking up items, and other not so minute things. I love the idea, and it's cool how making this game yourself gives you the ability to put whatever characters you like into battle. It just needs alot of tidying up...a lot! But other than that, great job! As a huge fan of SSB, I give you an A++, but like I said, tighten up those bugs if you can and this could easily be the most popular game on Newgrounds! Really though...wow, this must've took you forever to make!

ehh, original, yes but ehh

the sniper part was cool but the rest is just overwhelming


i like it, the kookiness of it, it's like you're attacking a retro-euro-zombie rave or something. Also, man, it gets hard, but like i said before...repetitive, one more thing...what is leveling up? does that just mean that I made it to the next level, or does it mean I got stronger?

lighten up aholes

the game sucked, but we all know the game wasn't the point, the point is to show off the cursor effects, which were awesome, except some were just cheap copies of a previous one, but for the most part cool cursors...next time, just show off the cursors, don't make a game out of it, well not one that hard anyway.

wow, atari style

i like how the graphics were so simple, because, whether or not you intended the game to be that way, the pixeliness(made up word) was very appropriate. Fun and simple, no replay value though, but who cares!? awesome job, if this is your first then I can't wait to see the games that'll come out of that genius later!

ehh, has potential

well, it gets very repetitive, and the movements are a bit...as previously quoted, "sketchy" for example, its hard to grab barrels, and jumping is just rediculous, you can only jump in a certain way, also, there's no storyline or characters, well there is but neither one of them is explained. fun for a little while though

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