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Super fun, but I found a bug. The boss, if you fire the flamethrower as he's dying then the game goes crazy and millions of gems start flying out of him. Unfortunately the game went back to the shop before It let me collect them all. I would have been done with the whole game if I had got them all.

flazm responds:

Yes we have caught it too, thanks! Trying to fix it asap.

The untouchable medal is super easy to get. Hint: Just be smarter than Chuck Norris.

TharosTheDragon responds:

Is there a way to cheat? What is it?

Good try for a first game. Looks good, sound effects are dead on. Just the progression of difficulty isn't there. There isn't any difficulty really.

Need to go back to the drawing board.

-some movements are delayed
-needs frame collisions work (he changes height during his animation frames, this may be contributing to the control problems)
-There seems to be some weird stuff going on with the first page

Very unique, almost rage quit on the second level, but then I beat it and felt a rush of pride. Then I quit on the third level haha. I think this will be a huge hit. I understand the delay between hits as it makes it a little harder and he is hitting his head and that would make anyone dizzy, but I kind of think the game would be a little more enjoyable without it. It's always fun to be able to get good at a game and get faster, but that delay slows it down. Also, it makes it difficult to know when you can click on him. Especially in a panic, which happens A LOT! Cool game though.

A little under developed.
-Not very rewarding aiming system, you may or may not hit a duck even though you are pointed right at it (like a realistic shotgun) Not very fun in a game like this though. You end up just only shooting the closest ducks.
-Why use space bar? Makes it worse.
-Not very much range and the gun doesn't stay with the cursor
-I thought the plane was for bonus points haha, maybe I'm just sadistic

Saliery responds:

Thanks for review
In full version for Android - control by accelerometer it's easy and intuitive, and in full version you have more than 10 weapon like AK-47 or bow and all weapon have some realistic shoot, from AK-47 you can easily shoot furthest duck.

Great idea. Actually never played anything like it. Develop the graphics and all the bells and whistles and you'll have yourself a front pager!

Thank you for creating a new reason for me to hate life. ;)

*ERROR: This user has committed suicide.*

Wow...there should be a medal for reading all the comments.
These people really don't get it. Or maybe they didn't read the opening sequence.
I grew up in an age were videogames were actually challenging, you die! Nowadays it's all about getting achievements and trophies. What happened to bragging rights?
Last night I walked in on my cousin playing Ryse (this Roman empire game where all the Romans have British accents). He was on the last boss Boudica or whatever. He kept dying. So he jokingly handed the controller to me (not only have I never seen or played this game, but it was on XBOX one and I denounce such evil, I only play Sony (and sega, NES, SNES, Gameboy, N64, the good stuff, etc.) so I had a fat new controller in my hands). I beat the last boss in one try.
Trust me...there are no bragging rights for todays games, only admissions of guilt that you actually wasted enough of your life to get all the trophies.

Saying that...I got all the trophies on this game *blush

yes I agree

It's a cliche game, but it's good. I have no problems with it other than THE FUCKING DOOR HACKING! They always appear right on top of you, it also doesn't help that this is the slowest moving guy ever. If your going to have aliens butt fuck us in the dark, atleast make the guy be able to run away, instead of this casual stroll bull shit...sorry. I just rage quit and I'm blowing off some steam...but it still holds true...please fix it. Other than that, very in depth game, good job :)

Squize responds:

Sorry to both of you about that.
During testing we never had it, but I guess that's 'cause we always clear out the Aliens before starting the door hacking ( You get used to playing a game a certain way, esp. when you know how it works ).
I'll have to have a think how to fix it, as the wave of aliens aren't spawned until the light comes back on, so it must be one attacking you as the lights go out. Hmmm.
Thanks for the feedback mate, hearing things like this just enables us to improve it ( At the price of it screwing up your go, sorry ).

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